Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Hottest Trends:

It might already be winter around the continent, but where I live it just began to fell like Fall (yes it’s end of November and still pretty warm where I come from). However, with the arrival of the new season, grows the need to shop, thus the most questionable question pops up in every girls head which is ‘what are the strongest trends?’. From watching endless hours of the latest catwalks, it presented us with a countless inspirations ranging from different materials, fabrics, textures, details and colours, leaving us with a few strong guidelines.

  • Fabrics: if you look back at the F/W catwalk you would notice a lot of suède, fur, velvet, leather(my fav) & lace that were incorporated in the clothing’s. Few designers also mixed and matched different fabrics thus creating a fun outfit combination.
  • Details: small details always makes you outfit stand out, and this years F/W catwalk was no disappointment. Designers incorporated a lot of textured scarfs in their looks, as well as fringed and embellished belts. What was the most eye catching in my opinion was the out of usual buttons, designers this year focused on different shape and size of buttons which made them stand out. Brochures were also used, I am not a big fan of brochures but it defiantly was eye catching.
  • Colours: black is back girls! Black was the highlight of this seasons catwalk. Designers did add a pop of white to the black outfits to create a monochromatic look that is so chic this season. However, black was not the only colour presented in this seasons catwalk, we saw some: red, pastel colours, orange, yellow and some other shades that will defiantly brighten our winter wardrobes.
  • Silhouettes: the sixties are back! Sixties is one of my all time favourite fashion trend era. During the catwalk, there were a lot of wide legged pants as well as mini-midi length skirts and dresses.


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