Small Things…Big Difference

Small things make a big difference. They really do. In every aspect of a humans life, small things can make a major difference, same is applied to fashion. In fashion, accessory are the key elements to an outfit, an outfit may be plain or boring however with a hit of sparkle or a pop a colour the outfit is no longer boring. Accessory can either transfer your look to something chic and fun or just make it look cheap; therefore, choosing the right accessories is always subtle. Accessories differ from season to season, thus this reasons accessory ranged from; blings, carwash pleats, fringe, fur and etc…

  • Bling:

Bling is back girls! After a season of oversized neckpieces, there is a return to very feminine and sparkly jewelry. Blings ranged from headpieces, brooches, earning, necklaces, rings as well as sunglasses.

  •  Lady Loafers:

Comfort was the key elements of this years catwalk, designers are proving that sky high heels is not the only shoe that can make an outfit cool. Comfort does not always mean ugly and boring, you can glam out your outfit with adding chic loafers. Comfort all the way girls!

  • Carwash Pleats:

Pleats, Pleats, Pleats…. all around the runway. We saw it all around this reasons catwalk where the designers incorporated it to there outfits to add some dose of fun. Paired with a chunky sweater and high top boots would be a good go to outfit.

  • Stomp:

Heavy chunky black boots! Designers incorporated mans wear into women’s wear with a dose of femininity (to make it look less manly and more feminine). I honestly love the manly/feminine look, it makes a girl look more powerful giving her a boost in confidence. You can pair it with a more feminine outfit such  a dress to give it a chic look.

  • Fur shoes:

Staying at the same subject of shoes, this years shoes was taken to a while different perspective, where designers added Fur to give it a flirty look. This might not interest a lot of you out there; because I do find it a bit weird too. It actually reminds me of a doll slipper i owned when i was 5, however I used to feel sexy putting it on. I think thats what the designers were thinking designing this. Its just a fun way to spice up an outfit. This itself is a huge statement to an outfit, you don’t need anything else honestly.

  •  Fur Cuff:

Fur was not only incorporated in shoes, it was also added to jacket sleeves (yes just the sleeves). If your not a total fur person or not courages enough to rock a total fur jacket, you can wear these. It will for sure keep your arms worm.

  • Shades of grey:

This may not be an accessory piece, however monochromatic in grey is pretty much the chicest trend this season. Designers have put together an all grey suit/outfits the look of the season, we saw it in Stella Maccartey, Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood and many other designers.

  • High waisted:

One of my favourite trends, we saw it in spring/summer and now its back in fall/winter. However, this seasons high waist was as far up past the belly button giving a super sliming and sexy look. It gives an illusion of an elongated lean legs and tiny mid-section.

  • High top boots:

This seasons biz… they are literally everywhere. Not complaining though. It elongates your leg as well as looks bomb on. Heels or no heels both look good on; and with almost everything in your wardrobe. Its worth the money honestly.

  • Turtleneck:

By far my favourite trend of the season. As a kid I used to hate it, but not anymore. I literally own 10 pairs of high neck shirts/crop tops/sweaters, you can say that I am pretty obsessed. You can pair them with anything and it looks amazing on everyone. Turtleneck ranges from crop tops to shirts to dresses and sweater.

  • Nouveau Victorian:

This season designers took us way back to the 19th century. High collars, ruffles and lace all made an appearance, however, they the designer did add a for example leather to give it a more modern look.


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