Models Off-Duty Looks

Before the year comes to an end, I would love to dedicate this blog post to the most talked about fashion trend/street style inspiration; models off-duty looks. Off-duty models know exactly how to turn heads and they do so with the help of some wardrobe stables. No, it does not include bright colours or feathers or statement pieces, just a very relaxed and laid back look such as, which is also known as causal chic.

Models these days have to literally dress the part, either on or off-duty. Girls all around have models that they look up to and follow all around the social media for some fashion inspiration, even model agencies and big fashion industries keep themselves updated with models out there, therefore models have more pressure on them these days to look the part and to impress people around; in order to get loved as well as to get booked by big fashion companies.

Like mentioned, models usually go for a causal chic look; which includes neutral colours, leather jackets, chic high heels and etc… Scroll down to see the top off-duty model looks.



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