New Year’s Goals

New year is less then 24 hours away! Can you believe it? Because I surely can’t! The year just flew by. 2015 had it’s up’s and down’s and it surely did teach me a lot of things. A lot happened this year; both happy and sad things.

Just a little recap, well in 2015 I graduated from university with high distinction which I am so proud of, I meet some awesome new friends (that I am really close to now), lastly, I started my own blog which has been one of the biggest mile stones of 2015. However, not everything was perfect and joyful, as 2015 bought a lot of tears to my family and I, we went through major tough times together, which really taught me that no matter what happens and no matter what you go through; family is always gonna be there holding your hands.

Anyways, going back to the main subject of this blog which as written in the title above is New Year’s Gaols. New year’s goals are a bit like babies; ‘they are fun to have around but difficult to maintain’. To be honest I never really achieved my own new year’s goals/resolution in the long run and I don’t think I’am the only one who hasn’t. We do work on our goals for like the 3 first months, then totally forget about them. But, this does not stop me from creating a new ‘New year’s goals’.

My goals this year aims for better health and better living, they include:

  1. Staying in touch: well like i mentioned earlier, that I have recently graduated and I am not really good at staying in touch with friends, especially when they are still in school and I am out of it. However, this year I am planning not to lose friends that are dear to me.
  2. Save money: I am a big spender (the biggest actually), so for 2016 I am going to start saving and cutting down unnecessary spending. Save, Save, Save!!!
  3. De-stress: 2015 was the year of stress. Stress about school, graduation, work, family and etc… I pre joined yoga and meditation classes at the gym to start of 2016 stress free.
  4. Focus on blog: I am dedicating this coming year to achieving my dreams and goals that should have been achieved long time ago.

Happy new year everyone! Hope your day is filled with joy and happiness.


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