April Favorites: Beauty

There goes another month! April has come to an end, thus it’s the perfect time to showcase to you guys what I have been using and enjoying this past month. I have been using a bunch of the same old things. Here is a roundup of things I have been loving in the month of April.


  1. Makeup Forever HD Foundation:

This product has been hyped about for years and years and I finally decided to give it a try, and let me tell you guys that I am IN LOVE with this product. It feels light weight on the skin and leaves your face looking flawless.

(If you want to see a detailed review about this product, just leave a comment down below)

  1. Dior Hydra Life BB Cream:

There is a post solely dedicated to this product.

  1. MAC Fix Plus:

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO SOOO MUCH! I have been using it literally nonstop and it goes everywhere with me. Makes your makeup look natural and flawless, in addition, it freshens you up.

  1. Benefit Highlighter:

I have been using this product for years and years and have repurchased it multiple times. It’s just easy to use and adds a beautiful natural shimmer to your check bones.

  1. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick:

This lipstick might to be a shade to be used on daily bases, however, I have been loving it for the month of April. I have had this product for almost a year now and never really used it. But man, I used this one all month and forgot how comfortable and moisturizing this formula is on the lips. I am defiantly going to purchase more shades in the near future.

     6. Dior Lip Glow:

My favorite product of all time. Dior never fails to impress me, I have repurchased this product multiple times, and I just can’t live without it. It leaves your lips feeling soft and motorizing, plus it gives your lips a hint of color.

7. Dior Art Show Eyeliner:

Its basically a felt-tip eyeliner and honestly the best out there. I have used many other brands like Chanel and nothing comes compared to this. Its very easy to use and gives you a killer cat eye look. Highly recommend this for beginners especially.

That’s a wrap! This month was kind of boring beauty wise. Nothing new just few of old favorites. Anyways, what are you loving this moment?


4 thoughts on “April Favorites: Beauty

  1. Thank you for your wonderful post. Well today I went to the theaters to watch Captain America: Civil War today. I have to say I legitimately believe it’s the best Marvel movie to date.

    Either ways, just a quick question, have you ever thought of making video reviews on YouTube?


      1. Naw, I sort of understand where you’re coming from (I read how you felt insecure about starting your blog). You could test the waters, make a video and see how it goes :)) If you want to do it, you shouldn’t worry about what others might think of you, unless of course, there’s a legitimate reason to be concerned about.

        Either ways, your blog is amazing and I’m looking forward to more posts 🙂


        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanku very much, I am glad you like my blog.
    A lot of people actually suggested that I start youtube videos, and I am taking that into consideration. I just need to build some inner trust and learn some basic editing techniques.


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