Cannes Film Festival: Worse Dressed

Around a week ago I dedicated a post solely to the best dressed celebrities at this years Cannes Film Festival (keep in mind it was not for whole length of the festival, it was just for those first couple of days). Celebrities all over seemed to just look top-down flawless and gorgeous at this years festival. However, there were some celebrities that just didn’t top it off at this years event. Below are some of what I thought were the worst dressed celebrities.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you enjoyed this mini post and leave a comment letting me know who do you think was the worst dressed in this years event.



5 thoughts on “Cannes Film Festival: Worse Dressed

  1. Not only were the outfits hideous, but I have zero clue who the some of the “stars” are. What an exhibition of, appalling poor taste.

    Loved the sleek album slideshow though.

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    1. K Stewart usually looks so pretty even without any makeup but this blonde hair really ruins it. She needs to go back to being a brunette, that blonde looks awful :\ As for the dress, her fashion sense doesn’t coincide with mine but at least she wears clothes she feels confident in. (Maybe I’m a tad biased here – but can you blame me? She’s hot!)


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      1. I totally agree, blonde makes her look ill. As for her fashion sense, she usually looks more put together and I love how bad ass she looks sometimes, as for this time, it just didn’t make it for me. Her outfits looked plain and wasn’t that interesting, however, thats just my opinion. Thank you for your opinion it interests me xx


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