All White Everythang!

Hello my lovely readers,

I have been MIA for the pat week or so, but I am back with an exciting post. As you may have already read from the title above, today’s post is all about the color white.

I don’t know about you guys but I am obsessed with the color white for the summer time; it’s chic and at the same time effortless. People usually get intimidated by wearing an all white outfit, maybe because its likely to get dirty really fast. But I love and have been rocking an all white outfit or even a pair of white jeans almost every day.

White is the perfect summer look to rock this year. White color is a timeless shade, it just makes a fabulous outfit combination for a fresh and fashionable summer look.

Below are some white on white outfit inspirations.

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6 thoughts on “All White Everythang!

  1. Great post! Any tips on how to clean them/keep them clean? I have a pair of white pants/shirts that I always hesitate to wear because I’m afraid of getting them dirty. And it seems to contrasts too much with my skin tone. It’s too bright. :\


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    1. You should go for a more paige/off white colors to match without being to bright. As for how to keep it clean and avoid getting dirt on it, you should be extra careful what and where you are going, I used to feel the same and avoided the color white completely, just dont think about it and trust me you wont get them dirty. So go ahead and rock your white on white outfit and share some pictures with us here. Thank you xoxo


      1. Thank you so much.

        I thought I’d mention that I think blondes will have a tough time pulling off white. In your entire album, not a single blonde girl (may just one or two, but looks more dirty blonde to me).

        Or may be your blogs exclusive to brunettes, which is a nuanced way to put it hah! Oh and I’d share my pictures if had more “bounteous” good looks. *sigh*

        BTW I thought I’d suggest you having more “personal” contents to go along with your posts on fashions and trends – only if you’re safe and comfortable doing it of course. 🙂 Either ways, I love reading your blog.


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  2. Yes you are right, white does wash off Blondes, but not all blondes. Blondes with a more platinum/ white tints have to stay away from an all white outfit and go for a more piage colors, if they choose to go for an all white outfit they can add a touch of piage tench coat, cardi or anything like that.
    I will take that into consideration and post more pictures revolving around brunettes. Thank you for the recommendation.
    I do have my email in the ‘contact me’ bar, however, I am working on incorporating DM into my blog, what do u think about that?
    I am glad you love reading them 😀


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