Here goes nothing…

Hi, I’m Maha, a 22 years old fresh collage graduate with a degree in Accounting, I work as an Auditor for a living. I know boring right? My life up to this day consisted of doing what I have always been told to do. Graduating from uni for me was the hardest and most difficult thing  I’ve been through. I was lost! I didn’t really know what to do next; but I knew that I always wanted to achieve something, something I have dreamt about ever since I could even remember. This dream of mine has always been fashion & style. I’ve always been interested in the fashion industry, but I was never lucky enough to achieve my dream, to transfer my dream into reality and to make a career out of my passion. I’ve been meaning to start a blog since forever but been keeping it off, because i was just to insecure of what others would say about it (I live on a ting island and everyone knows everyone and people can get a bit judgmental). Not anymore! I am not gonna let anyone stop me anymore, I am 21 and never did what I’ve always wanted! This is the day where I’ll finally take the first step and hope the next will be promising.

Anyways (my intro kinda went of out hand..oops sry), I stared this blog to be myself and to place my views on things as well as to express my personality through my outfits. My blogs are gonna consist of my daily dose as well as some fashion related topics.